Schedule Composer

Webhook Stream Schedule Messages for Discord

This section will give more detailed descriptions of each field in the Schedule Composer.

  • Created: 3 March, 2023
  • Updated: 5 March, 2023

Basic Stream Info

These are the most essential details of your stream schedule post. Some fields are required and will be marked.

  • Streaming Display Name required - This is your Twitch display name. It is not case-sensitive however it is used in all links generated in the post for Twitch as well as in the Author field of the message.
  • Schedule Title required - This is bold text shown near the top of the schedule message. We recommend specifying the date range for your schedule here.
  • Schedule Description - This is text shown directly below the Schedule Title. It supports Discord's Markdown Text allowing you more formatting options of your content provided here.
  • Time Zone required - This is extra information to help your viewers better understand what time you're going live.

Schedule Times

These are the times you will be live each day.

  • None of the day fields are required but will default to OFF if left blank.
  • Full Discord Markdown Text is supported.
  • The order arrangement of how the days are displayed in the message is Sunday through Saturday.

Display Options

These are extra message content options that improve the visual aesthetics of your schedule.

  • Message Avatar Image - This is a small image displayed next to the message Author and Stream Title. It is recommended to use your Twitch or Discord Avatar for this icon.
  • Featured Image - This is a large image shown at the bottom of your schedule message. Logos, Event Banners and other brand-related images are recommended.

Webhook Information

This is where you will provide information details related to your channel's webhook.

  • Link to Webhook required - This is the link to your Webhook that you have created.
    • Due to the sensitive nature of this information, this field is marked as a password field and will not show plain-text when filling it out.

For more information on creating Webhooks, you may view Discord's Intro to Webhooks.

Caution: Do not publicly share your Webhook information or with anyone you do not trust.
Anyone with your link will be able to send messages and other content using it, without any permissions granted by you neither are they required to be in your Discord server to use it. Treat your webhook like a secret passphrase and keep it confidential.